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Sunwind Caravan Lithium Heat 100Ah Battery for Caravan / Motorhome

Item ID: HF16-5015-100H

Lithium battery for caravans, motorhomes or boats with built-in heating system which allows it to be charged even during the winter. Sunwind Lithium Heat 100AH has a BMS (battery management system) that ensures and protects the battery against incorrect charging, high temperatures and overloading. Thanks to its BMS, you can replace your lead-acid battery (excluding starter batteries) directly without having to make any adjustments to the electrical system.

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Nominal capacity: 1280 Wh (100 Ah)
Output capacity: 12V/96 Ah
Nominal voltage: 12.8V
Weight: 12.2 kg
Life span: approximately 15 years


Lithium battery for caravan and motorhome that can handle freezing temperatures

Battery with high capacity, low weight, compact size and significantly longer lifespan than a traditional lead-acid battery. A unique feature of this LiFePO4 battery from Sunwind is that it has a built-in heating system that heats up the battery before charging if needed. It is therefore particularly suitable for those of you who use your caravan/motorhome even in the colder parts of the year. The advantage of the lithium battery is that it charges significantly faster than a regular battery and you can use almost the entire battery capacity compared to about 50% with a traditional battery. This means that you can buy a lithium battery with less Ah than your regular battery and still get the same effect.

The battery has a built-in BMS (Battery Management System) for maximum safety and lifespan. Thanks to the built-in electronics, the battery can be charged using a regular constant-voltage charger, solar charge controller, etc.

The BMS also has a Bluetooth connection so you can connect it to your phone to see the status of the battery. You can see:

  • Charge status
  • Voltage
  • Available capacity
  • Number of charging cycles
  • Temperature and health status of the battery


Sunwind Caravan Heat 100AH Lithium Battery for Caravan/Motorhome

  • Drop-in replacement - no external components required
  • Built-in heating system for charging even at freezing temperatures
  • Bluetooth connection - connect to app to read battery status
  • Designed to replace a traditional battery (equivalent voltage and pole connections)
  • Long lifespan - 15 years with normal use (5-10 times longer than a traditional lead-acid battery)
  • Low weight (save about 30 kg)
  • High capacity - actual capacity equivalent to a 150 Ah lead-acid battery
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Built-in protection via BMS (battery management system)
  • 3-10 times faster charging


Sunwind Carvan Heat 100AH Lithium Battery Specifications

Nominal Voltage: 12.8V
Nominal Capacity :100 Ah/1280Wh
Connection:DIN (T11) 17mm neg 19mm pos/M8
Output capacity:12V/100Ah
Battery Type:Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) UN3480 Class 9
Weight: 12.2 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH):335x174x191 mm
Battery Management System (BMS) :Integrated
Number of Cycles (100% DoD):>1200
Warranty:Full warranty 2 years or up to 2200 cycles/5 years limited warranty (up to 2200 cycles)
Operating Temperature:-20℃ to 55℃ @60±25% relative humidity
Discharge Efficiency:Min 98% @0.2C to 10.0V
Max Discharge Current:100A (Max pulse current 300A < 3 sec)
Operating Temperature:-20℃ to 55℃ @60±25% relative humidity
Recommended charging:14.6V +- 0.1V (20-60A)
Charger type:Traditional, or lithium
Charging time:Dependent on charger size
Self-discharge per month:about 3%
IP rating:IP65
Protection:Over/under voltage, overcharge, over-temperature, short circuit, etc.
Life span:Approximately 15 years with normal use


Compatibility with chargers/solar panels

Sunwind's BMS is compatible with almost all battery chargers and solar panels, and works directly with the motorhome/caravan charger. It can handle all external chargers that provide a steady current during charging. With so-called smart chargers that pulse the current to recondition the lead cells/maintain charge, the BMS will shut off the charging. But many smart chargers can be switched to non-pulsing charging. For those who charge with solar panels, the battery can handle up to 80A. 

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Verified Buyer
Väldigt nöjd, fungerar perfekt. Fick dock byta min solcellsregulator som inte var anpassad till ett litiumbatteri.
Verified Buyer
Stabila batterier, som fram till nu levererat bra
Verified Buyer
Har använt batteriet i över två veckor nu och det har fungerar helt som det ska. Laddar snabbt upp och bra att kunna ha koll på batteristatusen via appen.
Det som drar ner betyget med en stjärna är just appen. Man måste ofta koppla ifrån och återkoppla batteriet mot appen för att den ska visa rätt värden. Dessutom så "ropar" appen när man är i en annan app eller när mobilen är vilande. Jag har pratat med GetCamping och ska skriva en redogörelse hur appen beter så de kan skicka den till leverantören.
Verified Buyer
Verkar funka perfekt, enkelt att byta från blybatteri. Appen funkar också bra.
Verified Buyer
Ångra att jag inte köpte två, fungerar perfekt
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