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Discover our wide range of sleeping mats for both camping and hiking. Whether you prioritize weight and pack size or want to maximize comfort, you will find a sleeping mat here that suits you. Regardless of which sleeping bag you have, the sleeping mat plays a crucial role in how you sleep, both in terms of comfort and protecting against ground cold. Read our tips and advice regarding sleeping mats at the bottom of the page.


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Sleeping Pads – Guide to Finding the Right One

Finding the right sleeping pad can be crucial for getting a good night's sleep in nature. Whether you are on a family camping trip or on a longer hike, your sleeping pad plays a central role in your experience. But with so many options to choose from, how can you be sure you're making the right choice?

Sleeping Pads for Family Tents

When it comes to family camping, comfort is often key. You may not need to carry your sleeping pad over long distances, which gives you a bit more freedom in terms of weight and thickness.

Tips for sleeping pads for family tents:

  • Size and thickness: Choose a wider and thicker sleeping pad for increased comfort. Generally, most people find it comfortable to lie on their back on a 5 cm pad, but at least 7.5 cm is required to comfortably lie on the side.
  • Insulation ability: Even though summer nights can be warm, a sleeping pad with good insulation will keep you warm if the temperature drops.
  • Material: Inflatable sleeping pads are more packable but often provide slightly worse insulation against ground cold and less support, while foam might be a better choice for family tents thanks to their insulation and comfort, even if they take up more space.
  • Choose a sleeping pad with a lot of foam and that is thicker. In this way, you get much better support distributed across the entire body. Most people choose one that is at least 10 cm. Good examples are Outwell Dreamboat or Outwell Dreamhaven.


Sleeping Pads for Hiking Tents

When you're out hiking, you want your sleeping pad to be lightweight, but it should still offer enough comfort for you to rest properly.

Tips for sleeping pads for hiking tents:

  • Lightweight: Prioritize sleeping pads that are easy to carry.
  • Pack size: A sleeping pad that can be packed down small saves space in the backpack.
  • Insulation ability: In mountainous areas or during colder times of the year, it's important with a sleeping pad that insulates well. Look at the R-value to see which temperatures the sleeping pad can be used in.
  • Durability: Since hiking can expose equipment to tougher conditions, choose a sleeping pad that is durable and long-lasting.



Whether you're heading to a campsite or out on a longer hike, the right sleeping pad is the key to comfort. Also, remember that the best sleeping bag becomes cold if you don't have a sleeping pad that insulates against cold from below. So, look at the R-value and choose one that is adapted to the temperatures you plan to camp in. Hope these tips help you in your choice! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone, and we'll assist you.

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