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Choosing sleeping bag and sleeping mat

The most important thing you have with you on a camping trip is a good tent, the second most important is a comfortable sleeping bag. We have a large selection of sleeping bags in different sizes that are ideal for most camping occasions. We also have double sleeping bags with space for two people.

Even in the middle of summer the nights can get chilly and then it is good to have a comfortable sleeping bag to crawl into. Sleeping bags keep insulating against the cold and are warmed by your own body heat. For the Swedish climate we always recommend that

1. Look at the comfort temperature at which the lowest temperature sleeping bag is to be used. It is always easier to open up and regulate the temperature downwards than vice versa.

2. To invest in a sleeping bag with two layers of filling.

3. For those who are camping and don't count grams, also look at the material on the inside of the sleeping bag where it differs quite a bit regarding the comfort of the sleeping bag. Most people prefer cotton over polyester in the waistband.

4. Remember that children do not fill an adult sleeping bag, which means that they need to sacrifice more body heat to warm the sleeping bag. Lacing the sleeping bag at the right length or buying a shorter sleeping bag so you don't have to worry about the kids freezing.

The next item in the list is something nice to be on. It is not nice to feel cones, stones or roots underneath, so invest in a good reclining bed, a lovely inflatable mattress or a practical tent bed. If you want to sleep with high comfort, our recommendation is to use a sleeping mat or an inflatable mattress that is at least 5 cm thick. For those of you who are camping with an air mattress, a felt cover can make a really big difference in feel and they also insulate against ground cold which could otherwise be a problem with inflatable mattresses.

Not sure which sleeping bag suits your needs? Contact us and we will help.

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