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Camping Toilet

Here you will find camping toilets such as Porta Potti from Thetford and Outwell's portable toilets, as well as accessories to facilitate the use and transport of your portable toilet.

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How big a camping toilet should I choose?

Choosing the size of your camping toilet primarily depends on the number of people and how long you can manage between emptying it. Also consider that larger toilets require more space in your packing and for storage. General guidelines regarding the size of the toilet are:

For Solo Campers or Couples

  • For short trips (weekends or up to three days), a waste tank of 10 to 20 liters may be sufficient.
  • For longer trips, you should consider a larger tank of at least 20 liters to reduce the need for frequent emptying.

For Families or Groups

  • For families or small groups (3-4 people) on short trips, a tank of 20 to 25 liters may be suitable.
  • For longer trips, or if the group is larger, a tank of 25 liters or more is preferable to handle the increased waste needs without having to empty it too often.

If you have more questions or need help choosing the right camping toilet for your needs, just contact us via info@getcamping.se. You can also read our guide on portable toilets that you find here. 

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