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EcoFlow Delta 2 Battery Powered Generator


Portable power source for camping, camp, photography, cabins, the workplace or other activities where you don't want to be without electricity despite the lack of the mains. With a maximum capacity of 1800W, it can handle all areas of use that previously required a power plant, but in a much easier to handle format and completely without engine noise and exhaust fumes. 230V, 12V and USB sockets make it work for all types of electronics. Flexible charging options mean that it can be charged from the mains, the car or solar panels.

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Typ: Power Station
Outlet: 230V, 12V, USB
Power: 1800 W (Spikes: 2700 W)
Capacity: 1024 Wh
Charge via: 230V, 12V, Solar panel
Weight: 11.6 kg


Battery-powered 1800W power plant

Powerful power source for all types of electronics. Thanks to standard electrical sockets, 12V sockets and USB sockets, it is perfect for camping, camping, photography, cabins or other activities where you previously used power plants to handle the power supply. EcoFlow Delta 2 can operate power tools, kitchen equipment and works with all types of electronics. Charges to 80% in less than an hour, so it is perfect for those of you who need extra electricity in everyday life. The display clearly shows the capacity of the battery and how much power is consumed by the connected devices. Thanks to the lithium battery, it is very easy to carry in the built-in handle. Thanks to a smart system for charging, it can be stored with the charger in it so it is always ready for adventure, work or power outages.  

Combined with a compressor-driven cooler/refrigerator, it is perfect for camping. You can then opt out of the electrical outlet and still have refrigerators, TV, and run the kitchen equipment even on slightly longer trips. Combined with a solar panel, you are completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity.  


EcoFLow Delta 2 Power Station

  • Charge or operate all types of devices via standard power outlet, USB, 12V
  • 1800W power (2700W spikes/start power) and a capacity of 1024Wh
  • Mobile app: Monitor and control your Delta 2 with bluetooth or via wifi.
  • Fast charging: Charge from 0 - 80% in only 50 minutes
  • Charge Delta 2 via power socket, car or solar panel
  • Charge or run your electronics while charging the Delta 2
  • Backup power source (UPS) - connect it between the power outlet and your equipment and it will automatically switch to battery in the event of a power failure (30 ms)
  • Eco Flow's LiFePO4 batteries have a very long life (over 3000 charges)
  • Easy to carry with you (11.6 kg)
  • Safe: protection against short circuit, overload, overvoltage, undervoltage and overheating
  • Expandable - Increase the capacity from 1024 Wh up to 3040 Wh with an extra battery (accessory).


NOTE: The film shows the 110 V version


App control

By connecting your EcoFlow Delta to the phone, you can monitor your Power Station and see how much capacity you have left, how much your solar panel is charging or how much the equipment you use is consuming.





No petrol and no exhaust gases

Gasoline-powered power plants are expensive to operate, worse for the environment and require maintenance. EcoFlow Delta produces no exhaust gases, no engine noise and requires no maintenance (other than charging it once a year). Compared to traditional power plants, it is also smaller and lighter.



  • 4 x 230V
  • 2 x USB (Fast charge, 18W per port, 12V max)
  • 2 x USB (2x12W, 5V)
  • 2 x USB-C (Fast charge, 100W per port)
  • 1 x 12V car socket (max 126W/10A)


What can you use the EcoFlow Delta 2 for


UnitNumber of charges/hours
Compressor cooler (0.35Ah):170-250 hours
50" TV (110 W):ca 10 hours
Laptop (49 Wh):20+ charges
Digital camera (8-16 Wh):65+ charges
Tablet (25-42 Wh):25+ charges
Electric car (1800W):3-6 km
Cool box Thermoelectric: 46 Wh:21 hours
Electric stove/induction hob:0,6-1,5 hours
Microwave0,8-1,5 hours
Fridge/Freezer (150W / 1200W)8-16 hours
Electric grill (1650W)0,6-1,2 hours
Drilling machine (900W)1,1 - 2 hours
Circular saw (1400W/2300W)0,6-1,2  hours
High pressure wash: (1200W/3200W):0,7 hours
Electric carheater/Motor heater (1300W)approx. 0,7 hours
CPAP: (40W):16-20 hours





UPS - Backup power

Thanks to the built-in control, your Delta 2 automatically switches the incoming power on to the 230V sockets. If you then have a power cut, it switches over to battery life in 30 ms. Perfect for critical equipment.


Expand for extra capacity

The battery also runs well with an extra battery. Simply connect the extra battery and, depending on the model, you can get a capacity of up to 3040 Wh. When you then charge your Delta 2, the extra battery is also charged. Perfect for more demanding environments.



Thanks to EcoFlow's X-Stream Recharge Technology, you get an extremely fast charge on the battery without additional accessories. Delta has two charging contacts where one is for 230V and the other is used for the car charger (included) and solar panels. As it can be used for standard connectors (MC4) for solar panels, it can also be combined with many other makes of panels (adapter from MC4 to Delta's XT60 connector). 

Power outlet 230V - 80% in one hour
Connect it to a wall outlet and charge it to 80% in about 50 minutes or fully in 1.2 hours. 

The sun
Connect it to solar panels of up to 500 W (10-65V, Max 10A). Adapter with MC4 input is available as an accessory. With an Eco-Flow 400W solar panel, you fully charge the battery in 3-6 hours on a sunny day.

The car
Charge it in the car via a 12V socket (cable included). Charging time 10-12 hours. Can be changed via the app from 8A to 6A or 4A if you want to connect it to a smaller battery.


EcoFlow Delta BMS and Power Management System

EcoFlow Delta uses EcoFlow's proprietary BMS (Battery Management System) which ensures a safe charging and distribution of the load on the battery's lithium cells. Through algorithms based on each cell's charge and temperature during charging and use, the lifespan of the battery is maximized and it also provides safe use even at very high loads. 

Their Power Management System enables Delta's high power through over 20 different hardware and software protections and makes it able to cope with temporary spikes of up to 2700W. Should the load become too high, it automatically shuts down to protect the battery.  


Specification: Eco Flow Delta 2

Charging time: Wall outlet: approx. 1,2 hours (80% in approx. 50 min)
Solar panel: Max 500W. approx. 3-6 hours with 1x400W solar panel (with good sun)
Battery type (Categorization):Powerbank/Power plant
Battery capacity:1024 Wh (50.4V)
Battery technology:LiFePO4
Certification:UL / CE / FCC / RoHS / PSE
Storage: Keep it plugged in or charge every 12 months
Dimensions (WxDxH):40 x 21 x 28 cm
Weight:11,6 kg
Power (max.):1800W continuous (2700 W peaks), 12V, up to 10A 

4 x 230V
2 x USB (Fast charge, 18W per port)
2 x USB (2x12W, 2,4A, 5V)
2 x USB-C (max 100W per port)
1 x 12V car outlet (max 10A)

Built-in protections:Over Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection Low Temperature Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Overcurrent Protection


Operating Temperature:-10°C to 45°C (Charging: 0-45°C)
Included in the package:

1 x DELTA 2 Power Station
1 x 12V cable 1.5 m (for charging in car)
1 x 230V cable for charging 1.5 m
1 x 5520 cable
1 x Manual (English)

Dimensions40 x 21 x 28 cm
Capacity1024 Wh (50,4V)
Effect1800W current (2700 W peaks), 12V, up to 10A
ConnectionOut: 4 x 230V
2 x USB (fast charge, 28W per output, 12V, 2,4A max)
2 x USB (2x12W, 5V)
2 x USB C (60W per port, maximum 20V, 3A)
1 x 12V car (max 8A)

In: 230V
12V (Car) / Solar Panel (XT60)
Charge via230V, 12V, Solpanel, Smarg Generator
Weight11,6 kg
MaterialAluminum, Plastic
Time to rechargeWall outlet: approx. 1.2 hours (80% in 50 minutes)
Operating temperature-10°C till 45°C (Laddning: 0-45°C)
StorageStore it plugged in or recharge every 12 months
Overcharge ProtectionYes
Included in the pack1 x DELTA 2 Power Station
1 x 12V regulated cable (for charging the car)
1 x 230V cable for charging
1 x DC5521-DC5525 cable
1 x manual (English)
Warranty5 years (Requires product registration)
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