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Outwell Lindale 5PA Tent

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Get in place quickly with this quickly pitched five-person tent from Outwell that uses air ducts instead of regular poles. A inner tent with low light input provides good sleeping comfort. The living area has space to be furnished with table and chairs and has a completely sewn floor which protects against cold drafts, small insects and condensation. The large opening at the front allows the tent to open completely on hot days to use the living area as a protected conservatory.

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Number of people: 5
Ceiling height: 210 cm
Floor area: about 11.8 m² (excl sunscreen)
Weight: 18.6 kg

Quickly pitched lodge

Imagine avoiding using tent poles when you are going to pitch the tent. With Outwell Lindale 5PA it is possible. The only thing you need to do is attach the tent fabric to the ground and then pump up each channel with the included pump. The only pole that is included is the one for sun / rain protection at the front, which can be mounted when the tent is erected. Then attach the guylines and the tent is ready for use. Simple, smart and fast. In other words, you avoid the most time-consuming step of assembling, threading and pitching the tent with poles.


Outwell Lindale 5PA Tent

  • Rigid Air technology makes it easy to pitch / disassemble. Inflate the four channels instead of using poles.
  • Stable: tested against winds up to 24 m / s
  • Sealed floor protects against insects, wind and dirt
  • Sunroof / rain cover front
  • Living area with large windows in three directions and a ceiling height of 210 cm
  • Dark fabric in the ceiling and side panels on the inner tent and in the outer fabric over the inner tent protects against evening and morning sun - perfect for families with children
  • The partition wall in the inner tent can be removed to gather the whole family in one room
  • Outwell Quick & Quiet Inner door - In addition to the zip, one bedroom has a magnetic strip so it can be opened and closed without a zip
  • Tinted windows provide a pleasant light while protecting against visibility and heat
  • Built-in curtains that can be attached in three positions
  • Outwell Hook Track System - hang ceiling lights or equipment up to 1.5 kg along the strip (brackets included)  
  • Properly dimensioned ventilation
  • Built-in insect nets in the ventilation and in the doorway
  • Cable entry for easy handling of electricity
  • Neon-coloured guylines that look good in the dark
  • Pump with pressure gauge and repair kit for the canvas included



About Outwell Lindale 5PA Tent

Outwell Lindale 5PA is a family tent adapted for families with two or three children. Thanks to the fact that it is possible to pitch for one person, it is also suitable for you who camp with children yourself. Instead of poles, it uses Outwell's Rigid Air technology where the poles have been replaced with air ducts for easy assembly. The three channels are easily pumped up via the valve in the lower edge on one side of the tent. The only pole that is included is the one for the sunroof and it can be mounted when the tent is erected. In addition to the simple assembly, the tent has a durable tent fabric that not only withstands rain and wind but also rustles less than simpler fabrics when it moves. Large windows provide a bright and pleasant tent and if you want to reduce transparency, there are curtains on all windows. The family tent door covers the entire front so it is easy to open the tent on hot days and use the living area as a protected conservatory.

Outwell Crossflow Ventilation
The ventilation at the back can be opened up completely to create extra air flow in the tent during hot days or in the morning. even the ventilation at the front is substantially increased to get a better continuous flow. As the large opening in the front also has a mesh door, you can open the tent completely to keep the temperature in the tent down even if there are a lot of small insects on the move.


The living area

The living area is large enough to furnish with a table and chairs for five people and still be able to easily get in and out of the inner tent. The large tinted windows provide a very pleasant light throughout the room while minimising transparency. The tent's windows are also equipped with roll-up curtains that are adjusted in three positions, which makes it easy to choose how much light or transparency you want.  

Outwell HookTrack System
The Outwell HookTrack System makes it easy to attach lamps or other accessories to the tent. The included hooks also make it possible to hang equipment or clothes in the tent.  


The inner tent

The inner tent consists of two bedrooms with space for two and three people respectively, but can be used to advantage by families with two children to get extra space for packing or larger mattresses. A heavier dark fabric in the inner tent and in the outer tent fabric over the inner tent reduces the effect of many tent campers' worst enemy, the morning sun. The inner tent also has a curtain that can be rolled down over the ventilation to reduce the light that enters through it.

Outwell Quick & Quiet
In addition to the zip, one bedroom has a magnetic strip so it can be opened and closed without a zip (Outwell Quick & Quiet Inner door). A solution that makes it possible to get in and out of the inner tent without waking the rest of the family.




The tent has a properly sized ventilation that can be easily adjusted to get the desired air flow. The tent fabric is completely waterproof with taped seams and is flame retardant treated. It also has a sealed floor sewn to the outer tent, which protects the tent from wind, insects and dirt. The inner tent is pre-assembled on delivery and does not need to be unloaded when the tent is packed.  

Questions and answers Rigid Air / Smart Air
1. How durable are the air ducts?
The channels consist of three layers. Finally, a layer of strong polyester, then a protective layer of PVC and then comes the channel itself in TPU. The construction makes the ducts more resistant to wind than steel and fiberglass poles. It is important, however, that you only use the supplied pump and do not pump up a pressure higher than 0.8 bar as there is a risk of destroying the ducts.  

2. What happens if there is a hole in the duct or a valve breaks? Is the tent collapsing?
The ducts are separate in the Rigid Air tents and separated by valves in the Smart Air tents. So the tent does not collapse if there are holes. All channels can be easily replaced and if it is a small hole, you can also fix it temporarily with duct tape or silicone tape. Should a valve in the tent stop working, they can also be replaced.

Number of bedrooms2
FlysheetOuttex® 4000 Select, 100% polyester
Hydrostatic Head4000 mm
TubesOutwell Rigid Air System
Max Pressure9 psi/0.6 bar
PolesDuratec glasfiber 8.5 mm
Ceiling height210 cm, Inner tent 200 cm
InnertentDark roof panel and sides reduce light penetration to improve sleep quality, 100% polyester
Floor areaAbout 11,8 m²
Groundsheet (constuction)Sewn-in Ground System
Floor (material)Double-coated waterproof polyethylene, 100% polyethylene, 10 000 mm hydrostatic head
Pack Size81 x 37 x 37 cm
Weight18.6 kg
ConstructionTunnel tent
Transport bag / storageCompressible carrybag for compact pack size
Tinted windowsYes
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