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Power outages

In recent years, we have experienced longer power outages in many places. No matter how you live, there are aids in reducing the consequences of a longer break. It is important to prioritize if it is possible to charge the mobile with a powerbank / solar panel or if you want to be able to run more equipment that runs on 220V or 12V.

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Other things to keep in mind when the power goes is to prioritize

  • Store water: Keep in mind that every person in the household needs about three to five liters per day. The bigger the family, the more water is needed.
  • News: In the event of a longer interruption, you cannot rely on the internet -good is to have a battery-powered or alternator radio to get information about the power failure.
  • Food. Make sure he has a solution for cooking. Either via a larger lithium battery and a smaller electric stove / via the microwave or a storm kitchen / gas stove. Alternatively, it is also possible to store food that can be cooked without heating (eg soft preserves).
  • Power Bank. Make sure to keep your phone running through a power bank or battery pack. In addition to regular power banks, there are also those that are cranked up to raise the battery - which many dynamo radios support
  • Use only a smaller part of the house. In order to keep the heat, you can gather in a room and only use it as it is easier to heat a room.
  • Candles: Candles solve a lot, but it can also be good to supplement with a battery-powered lamp. A battery pack that can handle 220V also solves the problem as it is then possible to use the lamps you have at home.


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