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RoyPow R1200 Lithium Battery for Caravan / Motorhome

Item ID: HF16-5013-94H

Lithium battery for caravan, motorhome or boat with built-in heating system, which means that it can be quickly charged even in winter. Skanbatt Lithium Heat 96AH has a BMS (battery management system) that secures and protects the battery against incorrect charging, high temperatures and overload. Thanks to its BMS, you can replace your lead-acid battery (not starter batteries) straight away without having to make any adjustments in the electrical system.

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Nominal capacity: 1280 Wh (100 Ah)
Output capacity: 12V / 96 Ah
Nominal voltage: 12.8V
Weight: 10 kg
Lifespan: 15 years (80% capacity after 3500 cycles)


Lithium battery for caravans and motorhomes that can withstand sub-zero temperatures

Battery with high capacity, low weight, compact size and significantly longer life than a traditional lead-acid battery. A unique feature of this LiFePO4 battery from Skanbatt is that it has a built-in heating system that heats up the battery before charging in cases where it is needed. It is therefore extra good for you who use the caravan / motorhome even in the colder parts of the year. The advantage of the lithium battery is partly that it charges much faster than a regular battery and you can also use up to 90% of the current in the battery compared to about 50% from a traditional battery. This allows you to buy a lithium battery with less amperage than your regular battery and still get the same effect.

The battery has a built-in BMS (Battery Management System) for maximum safety and life. Thanks to the built-in electronics, the battery can be charged via a standard constant voltage charger, solar cell regulator etc.

The BMS also has a bluetooth connection so you can connect it to your phone to see the status of the battery.

  • Charging status
  • Voltage
  • Available capacity
  • Number of charge cycles
  • Cell temperature and health status of the battery


Skanbatt Lithium Heat 96AH Battery for Caravan / Motorhome

  • Drop-in replacement - no external components needed
  • Built-in heating system for charging even at minus degrees
  • Bluetooth connection - connect to the app to read the status of the battery
  • Designed to replace a traditional battery (equivalent voltage and terminal connections)
  • Long service life - 15 years in normal use (5-10 times longer than a traditional lead-acid battery)
  • Low weight (save about 30 kg)
  • High capacity - actual capacity is equivalent to a 150 Ah lead battery
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Built-in protection via BMS (battery management system)
  • 3-10 times faster charging
  • Expandable (can be both parallel and series connected)


Specification Skanbatt Lithium Heat 96AH Batteri

Rated voltage:12,8V (13,2V voltage)
Nominal capacity:100 Ah/1280Wh
Connection:DIN (standard car poles)
Output capacity:12V/96Ah
Battery type:LiFePO4
Weight:12,8 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH):350x175x188 mm
Battery Management System (BMS) :Integrated
Number of cycles (100% DoD):3000
After 3000 cycles:80% battery capacity
Maximum charging voltage:15.2V + -0.2V (BMS breaks at higher voltage)
Max charging current:80A
Max discharge current:130A (rekommenderat 100A)
Operating temperature:-20⁰C ~ 60⁰C
Recommended charging voltage:14,6V + - 0,2V
Typ of charger:Traditional, alt. lithium
Charging time:Depends on the size of the charger
Self-discharge per month:ca 3%
IP Class:IP56
Protection:Over / under voltage, Overcharge, over-temp, Short circuit, etc.
Lifespan:15 years


With which chargers / solar panels does the battery work

Skanbatt's BMS handles virtually all battery chargers and solar panels and works directly to the caravan / caravan's charger. It can handle all external chargers that provide an even current during charging. With so-called smart chargers that pulsate the current to recondition the lead cells / maintenance charge, the BMS will turn off the charge. But many smart chargers can be switched to a non-pulsating charge. For those of you who charge with solar cells, the battery can handle up to 80A.

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