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Meritsun Lithium 100Ah Battery for Caravan / Motorhome

Item ID: SXM12V100AH

Lithium battery for caravan, motorhome or boat. Lithium batteries are not only lighter but also have a significantly longer life and higher performance than lead batteries. So load 30 kg of extra equipment instead of 30 kg of lead battery while you get a battery that has a lifespan that is up to 5 times longer than for a regular lead battery. Thanks to the high discharge capacity and stable voltage of the lithium technology, this battery corresponds to a 12V 150 Ah lead battery.

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Nominal capacity: 1216 Wh (90 Ah)
Outgoing capacity: 12V / 93Ah
Rated voltage: 12.8V
Weight: 10.5 kg
Life span: 15 years (80% capacity after 4000 cycles)


The battery of the future for caravan and motorhome

Battery with very high capacity, low weight, compact size and significantly longer life than a traditional lead-acid battery. This LiFePO4 battery from Meritsun is ideal for use in motorhomes, caravans, boats or other leisure products such as electric boat engines. The advantage of the lithium battery is partly that it charges much faster than a regular battery and you can also use up to 90% of the current in the battery compared to about 50% from a traditional battery. This allows you to buy a lithium battery with less amperage than your regular battery and still get the same power.

The battery has a built-in BMS (Battery Management System) for maximum safety and longevity. Thanks to the built-in electronics, the battery can be charged via a standard constant voltage charger, solar cell regulator etc.

Thanks to a bluetooth connection, you can via Meritsun's app keep track of the status and charge of the battery directly in the phone (Android / Iphone).

The Meritsun batteries are manufactured by Meritech Power Limited, which was founded in 1999 and has over 500 employees. They have a self-developed and self-manufactured BMS with components from Japan and Korea. Their batteries are sold under several brands including Skanbat.


Meritsun 100Ah Lithium Caravan / Motorhome battery

  • Drop-in replacement - replace your current battery straight off (just check the dimensions)
  • Bluetoth connection - see the status of the battery directly in the phone (Android / Iphone)
  • Long service life - 4000 charges, which corresponds to 15 years in normal use (5-10 times longer than a traditional lead-acid battery)
  • Equivalent voltage and pole connections as ordinary batteries
  • 3 year warranty
  • LiFePO4 cells (the most stable and safe lithium battery cells)
  • Low weight (save about 30 kg)
  • High capacity - actual capacity is equivalent to a 150 Ah lead battery
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Built-in protection via BMS (battery management system)
  • IP65 rated (Resistant to moisture, snow and dirt)
  • 3-10 times faster charging
  • Expandable (can be both parallel and series connected)



Calculation example for life cycle cost:
100Ah lead battery, price SEK 2,500, 700 charge bikes = SEK 3.57 per charge bike.

Meritsun, price SEK 10,495, 4000 charge bikes = SEK 2.63 per charge bike.


Specification Meritsun

Rated Voltage:  12.8V
Nominal capacity & nbsp ;:93 Ah / 1216 Wh
Energy density:116 Wh / kilo
Outgoing capacity:12V / 93Ah
Battery type:LiFePO4
Weight:  10.5 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH):306x171x220 mm (L5)
Battery Management System (BMS):Integrated
Number of cycles DoD):4000 (DoD)
After 4000 cycles:80% battery capacity
Charging voltage:14.6V
Maximum charging current:100A
Maximum discharge current:100A
Standard charging current:19A
Operating temperature:-20⁰C ~ 60⁰C
Charging temperature:0⁰C ~ 45⁰C
Charging characteristics:CC-CV
Type of charger:Traditional lead, or alternatively lithium
Connection to pole:M8
Parallel connection:Yes (up to 4 pcs)
Series connect:Yes (up to 4 pcs)
Protection:Advanced BMS, over / under voltage,   overcharging, over-temp,   Short circuit, etc.
IP Class:IP65
Life span:up to 15 years - 4000 cycles - Life cycle cost: approx. SEK 660 per year


With which chargers / solar panels does the battery work

Meritsun BMS can handle virtually all battery chargers and solar panels and works directly to the caravan / caravan charger. It can handle all external chargers that provide an even current during charging. With so-called smart chargers that pulsate the current to recondition the lead cells / maintenance charge, the BMS will turn off the charge. However, many smart chargers can be switched to a non-pulsating charge. For those of you who charge with solar cells, the battery can handle up to 100A.  

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