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Heaters for caravan, mobile home and awning





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When buying a heater for an awning or for extra heat for the caravan or motorhome, you should consider the following:

  • Size: Choose a heater that fits the size of the awning/room.Size: Choose a heater that fits the size of the awning/room.
  • Effect: The heating requirement varies depending on size, outside temperature and desired temperature.
  • Energy: Choose a heater that uses an energy source that is readily available at your campsite, such as electricity or gas.
  • Safety: Choose a heater with safety features such as thermostat, tip protection and overheating protection, and for gas heaters ignition fuse.
  • Ventilation: Gas heaters require more ventilation than electric heaters
  • Sound level: If you are going to sleep in the same room, it is nice to have an extra quiet solution
  • Mobility: If you want to move the heater from one place to another, you should choose a model with a light weight and carrying handle.
  • Price: Heaters for awnings, caravans and mobile homes are available in different price ranges. Choose one that suits your budget considering your needs and requirements.
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