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Jack Wolfskin Smoozip +3 Women Sleeping Bag

Item ID: JW3003761

Warm and comfortable sleeping bag with an innovative zipper that gives a really good ergonomics when getting in and out of the sleeping bag.

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Comfort temp man: + 3 °C
Comfort temp woman: + 7 °C
Extreme temp: -11 °C
Body length: 175 cm
Filling: 2 layers / 1 layer, isofill, 550 grams
Weight: 1040 grams


Smart sleeping bag

A sleeping bag whose design and insulation are specially developed to suit women. This is due to its shape and through an extra insulation for the upper body and feet where women normally have a greater sensitivity to cold. The S-shaped zipper allows you to open it up in a natural movement. Getting in and out of the sleeping bag has never been easier than this.

Jack Wolfskin Smoozip +3 Women

  • Suitable from late spring to early autumn
  • Shape and insulation adapted for women
  • Extra insulation (2 layers) for cold-sensitive parts of the body (head, arms and feet)
  • Ergonomic zipper
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Lining in soft and quick-drying material
  • Over-sized edge for the zipper to minimize heat leakage
  • Wear-resistant outer fabric
  • Pocket for valuables
  • Compression bag included
  • Machine washable


Product description

The design and insulation of Smoozip +3 Women is optimized to suit female users. Normally, women are more sensitive to cold at the upper body and at the feet. By using a strong two-layer insulation around these areas, you get a sleeping bag with better thermal comfort. The sleeping bag is suitable from late spring to early autumn.

The sleeping bag also has a slightly wider top, which makes it easier to move in and a comfortable hood that is tightened in the cold and can be used as a pillow during warmer nights. Just tighten the strap completely and pack in some clothes if you want a slightly larger pillow.

Isofill are synthetic fibers with similar insulating properties as down but which are more cost-effective to produce. The advantage of isofill is that it is less sensitive to moisture than down. The disadvantage lies in a slightly poorer weight / insulation performance and that many people prefer the feeling in a down sleeping bag.


Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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