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Barocook Coffee Mug

Item ID: BC004

Heat the food, make coffee or tea without fire or electricity. Works just as well in the woods as in the car.

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Size: 9.5 x 9.5 x 18.3 cm
Volume: 400 ml
Weight: about 210 g
Fuel: Heat bags

Heat food, make coffee or tea without fire. Bacocook makes cooking simple and safe. By using bags with 100% natural minerals that react with water, Barocook cooks completely without the need for gas or electricity. The coffee mug works just as well for the car, hotel, picnic or work lunch as in the wilderness. Barocook Instant Coocker consists of a stainless steel food container where the food / drink is placed, a cooking vessel for the heat bag and the water needed to start the reaction and a lid with an opening. All you need to do is put the heat bag in the pan, add liquid, and then put in the pan and the food will heat up in about 10-25 minutes depending on which food is used.



The heating bags
The mineral mixture in the heat bag creates a reaction that gives a temperature of up to 130 ° C. One bag is enough to heat the food for about 30 minutes. The bag can then be thrown in the garbage and since the contents are completely natural, it can be left in nature.

Bacrocook Coffee Mug

  • Works with unclean water
  • Can be used anywhere as they do not require any ventilation or risk creating fire
  • The bags can even be taken on the flights
  • Clean and simple, only the food container needs to be cleaned
  • Lid with closable opening makes it easy to drink out
  • Carabiner to attach it to the backpack

Contents: Kettle 400 ml, 1 x 20 g heat bag, instruction, storage bag in plastic

Dimensions9,5 x 9,5 x 18,3 cm
Capacity400 ml
ConnectionHeat bags 20g
Weight494 g
Included in the packPot & container 400 ml
1 x 20 g heat bag
storage bag in plastic
Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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