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Windscreens for Awnings, Caravans & Motorhomes


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Effective windscreens for caravans and mobile homes

Windscreens for camping with caravans and mobile homes is an important accessory to protect you and your family from weather, wind and visibility and thus increase the comfort of the camping holiday. The wind shields can be placed on the side or front of your caravan or mobile home to protect you from wind and in combination with an awning you also get really good protection against rain.

Things to consider when choosing your windscreen

We have a large selection of windscreens in different models, colors and sizes. Some things to consider when choosing wind protection are

  1. How long do you normally stay at the same campsite. If you stay at the same site for a long time, there are high demands on canvas and poles, while those of you who move often or mostly do weekend camps can prioritize an easy-to-assemble and pack-friendly windscreen.
  2. Weight and pack size. Windscreens with a stronger canvas and crossbar is more stable and can stand outside for a long time, but has a high weight and takes up a lot of space in the luggage compartment
  3. Choose the length and shape of the windscreen based on the length of the caravan/mobile home or based on the size of the awning. Some wind shelters can also be built together and supplemented with a door to create your own courtyard at the campsite.
  4. For those of you who also use the windscreen as a dog yard, think about how big a gap the windscreen has at the bottom so the dog can't slip through there.

If you have questions about which wind protection suits your needs, please contact us.

Different types of wind protection

There are different types of wind protection on the market with different advantages and disadvantages. The most common model is wind protection with bars. There are mainly two different categories here. The lighter windbreaks with only vertical bars which are then tensioned with ropes. These are quick to assemble and are usually the lightest and pack-friendly wind protection option. Then there are also the windbreaks which also have a lintel. That is to say, in addition to the vertical bars, it also has horizontal bars at the top, which provides superior stability. These are usually the best option for those of you who stay at the same campsite for a long time. Here you can find, for example, the windbreaks from Svenska Tält, which have a real awning fabric that has a significantly longer lifespan than ordinary polyester fabrics.

A popular alternative is inflatable wind shelters that are pumped up with a hand pump or with a 12V compressor pump. These wind shelters are often made of durable materials and the air channels provide very good stability against wind. Inflatable wind shelters are very easy to assemble and take down, which means that many people choose them over traditional wind shelters with bars. The wind shields are stored in the included bag when not in use.

Another popular model is the extendable windshields from Thule, which are attached to the awning slats on the caravan or with suction cups on the motorhome and are pulled out towards the leg of the awning. These wind shields are easy to pull in and out as needed.

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